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17 Best YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows And Mac

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Table of Contents

YouTube sounds lovely right? Well, in this age, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It is the most visited site in the world after Google and Facebook.

YouTube is a free service and is available everywhere and on all devices like iPhone, Android, laptop, PC, smart TV, tablet. But everyone likes to watch videos on the big screen. If you want to enjoy YouTube videos on the big screen, you definitely choose the web platform.

So why not use YouTube like a PRO? Below are the useful YouTube keyboard shortcuts to show you what they do and how do you get benefits by using those shortcut keys on both Windows and Mac. Let us begin.

All YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Show (most) YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts: Shift+?

These are the most efficient and time-saving YouTube keyboard shortcuts. Using these shortcut keys makes it more efficient to use YouTube on your PC.

Go to your profile picture Profile, select Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard or you can also use the shortcut by pressing SHIFT+?

Default youtube keyboard shortcuts keys

Play/Pause The Video

Use the spacebar on your keyboard to play or pause the current video. But it requires player focus to work properly. For that, you can use K on your keyboard for both play and pause the video playback. It doesn’t require the player focus.

Turn YouTube Volume Up/Down

This can be very useful during YouTube video playback, on the seek bar, you can use the up-arrow key to turn up the volume by 5% and the  down-arrow key to turn down the volume by 5%.

YouTube volume up and down

Mute/Unmute The Video.

For quickly mute or unmute the video, use the M key on the keyboard. M will mute and unmute your videos and also there are another 3 controls to change the video playback sizes.


To Skip 5 Seconds Forward/Backward In A Video

If you want to skip video for 5 seconds either forward or backwards. You can use it by simply clicking the right and left arrow.

To Skip 10 Seconds Forward/Backward In A Video

To move forward 10 seconds press the L key on the keyboard. To move backwards by 10 seconds, use the J key on the keyboard.

To Skip To The Next Video or Play The Previous Video

If you are watching a video and you want to go directly to the next video either in the playlist you are currently watching or the Up Next video in the suggested video column. Press Shift + N or to play the previous video, press Shift + P

Note: It only works for us when we were watching a video on the playlist.

youtube video skip to next video

Restart The Video

Sometimes you want to watch the video from the starting point. To start the video from the starting point or to restart the video, tap on the 0 (zero) key on the keyboard to restart the video.

Go To The End Of The Video

If you want to go to the end of the video press the End key on the keyboard to skip the video to the end.

Go To The Respective Percentage Of A Video

Use the number 1 to 9 on your keyboard to quickly jump to the respective percentage of the video.

Go To The Exact frame by frame on a Video

If you want to see the exact frame by frame on a video, you have to first pause the video and then tap the full-stop key for a forward frame.

And for a backward frame, press the comma key.

To Exit or Enter The Full Screen

It’s a great function key for us to quickly enable or disable the full-screen mode in the YouTube video. Use the F key on the keyboard to use this function.

Turn On/Off Captions

There is a nice useful caption tool offered by YouTube to generate subtitles. For this use the C key on the keyboard to turn on or off the captions.

Increase and Decrease Caption Fonts

Use the + key on your keyboard to increase the font size and the key to decreasing the font size.


Control Play Speed: Increase and Decrease

To speed up or down the video playback. Use the shortcut keys shift + > key to increasing play speed or shift + < key to decrease the speed.

youtube playback speed

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

It can be possible only on Chrome browser by using a chrome extension but you have to pay a few more bucks to use this feature. Install the extension on your chrome browser and click on the extension icon to select Options.

All Shortcut Keys For 360 VR

Do you want to watch your favourite YouTube channels on virtual reality? But you want to use the shortcut keys after wearing a VR headset. Then below are the all YouTube shortcut keys for the VR headset.

  1. Use W, A, S, D on your keyboard to control the camera pan for 360-degree views of the VR video.
  2. For zoom in use + button and for zoom out use button.
  3. For theatre mode use the shortcut key T.

Now You Can Use YouTube Like A PRO

It is a very useful and excellent function that YouTube offers us. By using these YouTube keyboard shortcuts, you can save your precious time and can use YouTube like a PRO.

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