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The Best Technique How To Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality In 2020

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Table of Contents

Do you want to know how to compress video file without losing quality, which can give you a lot of control over converting or transcoding your videos to a different file format? Don’t worry, here is the best solution for you and it is free and open source. We know that video files can be very large. Nowadays, if you want to save multiple video files on your device, you need large storage space. Inventors and researchers wonder how to survive with this storage space problem. Big tech companies like Google and Facebook are also grappling with this problem. Do you know that Facebook’s system processes 4 new petabytes of data daily and Google’s system processes 20 petabytes of data? To address this problem, researchers are working on new storage technologies, such as helium units, mosaic magnetic recording (SMR), and DNA.

How to compress video files without losing quality

But what all the people like you and me do to save a lot of data, we compress it, but we also don’t want to lose the quality of our video, so here is a solution for your query- how to compress video files without losing quality.

How To Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality

Best Software for Windows, Mac And Linux.

We have tried different methods but finally found a way to compress the file size without losing quality. Filtering our list with the most anticipated video compressor is HandBrake. The best thing about Handbrake is that it is open-source, freely available for download and it is cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux). By using this tool, you can compress video to the desired file size. HandBrake can convert videos of almost any format.

How To Download HandBrake Software

Download HandBrake

Step 1: Go to HandBrake Website.

Step 2: Before you Download first verify your OS version and Bit.

Step 3: [Save] this file on your desired location. 

How To Install HandBrake Software

Step 1: Go to your browser’s download location and click on that link to [run HandBrake].

Step 2: A windows will appear then click on [next].

Step 3: Now click on [install].

Step 4: Wait for some time to install then click on [finish].

How To Use HandBrake Software

Step 1: Double click on [HandBrake] icon on your desktop.

Step 2: A windows will appear, [drop] your video file.

Step 3: Now click on [preset] and choose your desire [resolution format].

Step 4: Now check the on the [dimension] tab.

Step 5: Select , [frame rate] and [constant quality] on the tab.

Step 6: Select an  on the [Audio] tab.

Step 7: Now Click on [Start Encode].

Step 8: You can also [pause] your process.

Pros and Cons


  • The major pros of HandBrake tool is that it is completely free and open source.
  • It is cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • It can process BluRays video.
  • It gives setting the width, height, codec, framerate (FPS), audio track etc while converting video files.
  • It gives ‘pause’ feature to pause video converting and do your other task.


  • The GUI is not so easy.
  • Little bit difficult for beginners to use.

The Bottom Line

Handbrake is a great tool that you can get and use it for free for life time. It is the best alternative for paid software. So, why are you waiting let just try it out by downloading it from their official

website : How to compress video files without losing quality-HandBrake.

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Table of Contents